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I hope that you enjoy the course, if you have any questions please email me at PaulFordham88@gmail.com

Module 1 :

DeFi Explained

-Key Features of Defi

-The 3 D’s

Module 2 :

How is DeFi different from traditional finance?

Module 3 :

-DeFi Tokens and Coins

-Stable Coins and Governance Tokens

Module 4 : Part 1

Getting Started In DeFi

Module 4 : Part 2

Getting Started In DeFi

Module 4 : Part 3

Getting Started In DeFi 

Module 4 : Part 4

Getting Started In DeFi – Hex

Module 4 : Part 5

Getting Started In DeFi – buying and staking Hex 

Module 5:

Ethereum Gas Fees And How You Can Minimise Them

Module 6:

Other Ways You Can Make Money In DeFi –

Strategies For The More Adventurous Investor

Module 7:

The Dangers Of DeFi



Module 8:

Innovations In DeFi



Module 9:

A look at the possibilities of DeFi


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