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My Journey To Build A Better Life

My Story

Way For Change was founded by Paul Fordham in 2020, when at the age of 49 and for the first time in his working life, he was made redundant from his corporate managerial job on Grand Cayman.

Paul was unsuccessful in finding alternative employment on the island and had to make one of the biggest decisions of his life and that was to leave Grand Cayman and his young son Alexander in order to be able to continue to pay for his education and welfare.

Upon returning to his home country of England he decided to take matters into his own hands and to never again rely on the corporate world to fulfill his life.

Paul embarked on a journey to build a new life for himself and in progressing along this new path he has learned alot about himself and has grown as a person.

With the onset of the global pandemic Paul realised that it would be sometime before he will be able to be reunited with his son. He realised that to able to make that a reality he had to learn new skills. This has become the bed rock of his motivation to succeed.

Paul recognised that the world was changing rapidly and that the digital economy was going to play an ever bigger role in peoples lives in the future, as such he saw this as an opportunity to learn more about this world and in particular the different aspects of building an online business and in particular Digital Affiliate Marketing.  

Online marketing has become a new passion in life and this has grown through being part of an amazing community of like minded and motivated people and as such he has never looked back.

Paul is committed to helping others in achieving their Financial Freedom. By sharing many of the things he has learned and helping to avoid some of the mistakes he has made, with a commitment to consistently embrace new skill sets and even with a limited technological background, this same fulfilling journey is very much a possibility for you, by simply shifting your perspective and taking a couple of very simple but life changing steps.


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Way For Change !