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Do you want to promote an educational product that could literally change lives ?

Going Live On Saturday 28th August @ 11AM EST


Main Angle: A complete guide to A PRE-VIRAL crypto PRODUCT that is changing lives

👉People have turned $100 into $250,000 with this product in less than 2 years

👉This product has out performed every other crypto since its launch

👉A one of a kind crypto that isn’t affected by the price of Bitcoin

👉You don’t have to be a fan of crypto to understand the power of this product

👉The product is still pre-viral, meaning that there is massive potential ahead

👉Learn about the most important event to happen in crypto since Bitcoin began

👉Those invested in the product stand to make big gains when the event happens

👉Learn how you will be able to capitalize on this event and make lots of $$$

👉This isn’t a shiny object course…it is real and it will make $$$ for action takers



FRONT END $12.95 (75% Commission)

Tokenomics 2.0 is a course for people who want to get into digital assets but don’t want to lose money.

This course is a step by step guide to a little known, pre-viral crypto project that has been making people lots of money over the past 2 years.

You don’t need to be a fan of crypto to understand the power of this wealth building product that is literally designed to increase in value.

I am not promoting the next shiny object, get rich quick scheme. This is a genuine product that works and will continue to make people a lot of money.

This course is for people who are prepared to take action and who don’t want to miss out on a life changing opportunity.

OTO1 $12.95 / DS $7.95 (50% Commission)

Tokenomics 2.1 PLUS is a course that is designed to educate the action takers from Tokenomics 2.0.

Those who choose not to sit on the sidelines will be told about a little known event that is soon going to happen in the crypto space that has the potential to change many people’s lives if they know how to participate and what strategies they should employ.

If action was taken following Tokeomics 2.0 then Tokenomics 2.1 PLUS will spill the beans as to how they will be able to literally double their crypto holdings for free and which stand the best chance of going 300-400x in the first year or so.

This event will be like winding the clock back and being able to get into either Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were just a few pennies!

OTO2 $75 (50% Commission)

One-on-one tuition sessions via Zoom are offered to assist anyone who is new to the crypto space and to ensure that they are able to effortlessly set themselves up with the product and to also position themselves so as to maximise the opportunities that will arise when the big event takes place.

Paul Fordham

Paul Fordham

Content creator, crypto investor, trader and blockchain enthusiast since 2017